Invisalign clear aligners

An alternative to traditional orthodontics is clear aligners. Clear aligners have now been used to straighten teeth for over 20 years, with the Invisalign system alone providing over 10 million treatments worldwide.

We offer the Invisalign aligner system which involves wearing a series of clear plastic aligners for at least 22 hours each day. As the aligners are clear they are almost invisible, also they can easily be removed for eating and cleaning. The aligners are changed approximately every 7 days applying a constant gentle force required to reposition the tooth into the required position.

Invisalign treatment is provided by Jeremy Lenaerts, who has been an Invisalign provider since 2018. He is currently studying for a diploma in clear aligner therapy at the City of London Dental School to deepen his knowledge in this area and ensure the best possible treatment outcomes.

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Fee Guide (treatment packages including retainers)

Invisalign treatment

Initial consultation …………………………. FREE
(£20 refundable deposit to show your commitment in attending the appointment)

Invisalign treatment packages from

Upper or lower from …………………… £2,420
Upper and lower from ………………… £2,860
Includes retainers


A very important part of any orthodontic treatment is retention, which means keeping the teeth in their new positions. This really is a life-long commitment and needs to be considered before embarking on any treatment. The above prices include the initial retainers, however they will require maintenance and ongoing costs.

Patient suitability

It is important to note that not all people are suitable for orthodontic treatment and a good level of dental health is required before any treatment commences. Please contact us if you have any queries.