Castle View Dental Practice News

9th January 2024

The practice would like to wish a Happy New Year to all of our patients, here’s to a fantastic 2024!



28th November 2023

The practice uses a substantial amount of electricity. The majority of our power demands come from cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising all of the instruments that we use.

In January 2022, we installed 27 solar panels on the practice roof, generating much of our own electricity. So far we have reduced our CO2 emissions 3,095kg which is the equivalent of planting 187 trees! (as of November 2023).

Despite this we still have to import some energy, but we have chosen Octopus Energy as our supplier. They supply us with certified 100% green electricity.



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19th July 2023

Great news! This year we have chosen to support a local charity. The charity that we have chosen is Mind Devon.

Mind Devon are a local mental health charity that have been fighting for mental health in Devon for over 35 years with their campaigning and support services. Mind Devon is an independant charity affiliated with the national Mind association.

We look forward to working with Mind, raising lots of money and awareness.



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