Invisalign clear aligners

A popular alternative to traditional orthodontics is clear aligners. Clear aligners have now been used to straighten teeth for over 20 years, with the Invisalign system alone providing over 15 million treatments worldwide. Invisalign treatment involves wearing a series of clear plastic aligners for at least 22 hours each day. As the aligners are clear they are almost invisible, also they can easily be removed for eating and cleaning. The aligners are changed approximately every 7 days applying a constant gentle force required to reposition the tooth into the required position.

Have you ever wondered what your new smile could look like?

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Why choose us for your Invisalign treatment?

  • Experienced Provider
    • Jeremy Lenaerts has been an Invisalign certified provider since 2018, and an Invisalign Premier provider since 2022
    • Post-Graduate Diploma in Clear Aligner Therapy at the City of London Dental School
    • Case of the Month Winner on Aligner Dental Academy – February 2023
    • Full professional accreditation with the Aligner Dental Academy
  • Great outcomes – The results speak from themselves. See the before & after photos, we’ve put a few photos on this page but you can also view more treatments on our Instagram & Facebook pages.
  • Exceptional service – From your first contact with us, our dedicated Invisalign treatment co-ordinator Laura Coleman, will look after you every step of your journey.
  • Dental Monitoring – We use some of the latest AI tools in dentistry to communicate with you through your smart phone. The App allows us to remotely monitor your progress closely and gives you direct communication with Jeremy & Laura throughout your treatment.
  • Amazing value –You will find our Invisalign treatment fees very competitive. This fits in with our ethos here at Castle View – affordable, friendly & quality dental treatment .

What do our patients say:

I had Invisalign treatment between March 2023 and January 2024 and can highly recommend it to anyone wanting to fix their smile!
Jeremy and Laura (along with the rest of the staff) were fantastic at every step of the way. I was given a realistic goal of what my teeth would end up looking like at the start and I can confidently say that it was absolutely achieved and well within the original timescale given. The process was so easy and convenient, the time just flew by
I’m really pleased with the results, it’s made such a difference to my confidence knowing that my teeth are no longer crowded and crooked.
Anyone who is thinking about having Invisalign – just do it. And do it with Castle View Dental Practice!”

KA 3rd May 2024 , Google Reviews

“Jeremy, Laura and the team at Castle View Dental Practice are super welcoming and professional at all times. The Invisalign process went quicker and smoother than I could have expected and they replied within such a short space of time to any question or request. A lovely team and I can’t recommend them enough for Invisalign treatment!”

LA December ‘23, Google Reviews

“5* from start to finish! Jeremy and Laura were both fantastic, super friendly, professional and efficient throughout my Invisalign treatment. Jeremy was very responsive to messages and got me in quickly whenever there was an issue. Jeremy openly listened to all of my concerns and desires for my teeth and I am absolutely amazed by the final result, I have been told I have never smiled so much! Massive thank you to Jeremy, Laura and the team at Castle View!”

ZL, April ‘23, Google Reviews

How much does Invisalign treatment cost?

This is the big question! The cost of Invisalign treatment depends on your needs and can vary hugely from practice to practice. What we can say is that most of our Invisalign patients will pay £3,050 for straightening of upper and lower teeth, however if you have more complex needs the cost does increase. When you only have minor tooth movements to make, or only treat upper or lower teeth, the cost can be considerably less. We will be able to give you a more accurate idea of your treatment costs after your FREE no-obligation consultation with Laura.

Why don’t we offer finance?

We’ve looked into this option but decided against it due to the increased costs involved, making your treatment more expensive. As it happens, Invisalign treatment naturally lends itself well to its own finance plan as we don’t ask for the whole fee upfront. The treatment typically takes 6 to18 months and you can chip away at the balance every time we see you, it just all needs to be cleared by the end of treatment.

We believe in simple, honest and competitive pricing! You won’t find any “amazing offers” on our Invisalign treatments like some practices – we’ve seen offers like £500 off £4,500 at other practices, but this is still much more that our standard fees!

ALL our Invisalign treatment packages include:

Retainers after treatment
Teeth Whitening
Minor tooth reshaping

Fee Guide for Invisalign packages

Initial consultation …………………………. FREE *
*although we do ask for a £20 refundable deposit to show your commitment in attending the appointment

Invisalign treatment packages from

Upper OR lower teeth (very low complexity) …………………… £1,800
Upper AND lower teeth (low to medium complexity) ……….. £3,050
Upper AND lower teeth (medium to high complexity) ……….£3,650


A very important part of any orthodontic treatment is retention, which means keeping the teeth in their new positions. This really is a life-long commitment and needs to be considered before embarking on any treatment. The above prices include the initial retainers, however they will require maintenance and associated ongoing costs.

Patient suitability

It is important to note that not all people are suitable for orthodontic treatment and a good level of dental health is required before any treatment commences. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Take a look at some of our treatment before & afters at Castle View